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Taking Better Care Of Smartphones

taking care

Your smartphone is a blessing in disguise which can satisfy all your needs, but if it runs out of battery, then none of your requirements will be fulfilled. Since there are many unibody designs and less removable batteries you have to take good care of your phone to make it last longer.

Once you are struck with an issue with batteries, there is no other option rather than replacing the battery. You can visit website like http://gizmodo.com/ who makes the mobile repair hassles guaranteeing the repair in 24 hours. You can avoid the lithium-ion battery getting powered up pretty fast if you follow some rules.

To have a better battery life when you are not using games like candy crush and just have your phone enabled with GPS when you are not using it then you can make your phone last an extra hour. Apart from that you should follow few basic rules on care and charge which would be the baseline for a long lasting battery. It is also important not to charge the lithium-ion batteries for a longer duration of time as it may easily get overheated.

Battery memory is an important aspect, and it applies to nickel-based batteries. If you have a phone which has nickel-based batteries, then you should treat them in a different manner. It should be topped up whenever there is a chance.

To make the best use of lithium batteries, you should keep them on the north side as much as you can. Having your battery fully charged to empty will not be useful. If you do that for less time, it will not create more damage, but if you happen to do that on a regular basis then things will get worse. You need not panic as it will not make your battery to get exploded, but it will lessen the lifespan.