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Simple But Ingenious Ways To Reduce Pain During Epilation


One of the major reasons why people are hesitant to start using an epilator is because of the myth that “Epilating is Painful”. However, this is so far from the actual truth and the benefits of epilating far outweigh the minor discomfort and pain caused. Here in this post, we provide you with foolproof methods to ensure a painless epilating experience.

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What exactly is Epilation?
Epilation is the process of removing hair from the root. It is extremely effective and you don’t have to worry about hair removal for at least three weeks. Epilating removes the hair right from the root tips. Also, it damages the fundamental structure of the hair and thereby leads to thinner and weaker growth of hair.

Does Epilating Hurt?
Just like waxing, you are going to experience some pain. However bear in mind that with time as you frequently epilate, the pain is going to reduce considerably. The first time you epilate is the most painful and subsequent sessions feel pretty tame. This is because it takes some time for your skin to adapt to the procedure.

How to Reduce the Pain?
There are a number of ways by which you can reduce the pain of epilation. The two major ways are to prepare yourself naturally or to use the help of specific products available in the market.

· Natural Methods: If you don’t want to spend several bucks on getting products, then you can prepare your body naturally for the process.
o Take a Shower: Nothing soothes the skin like a relaxing bath or shower especially in warm water. This is a great way to open your pores and relax the skin. This leads to easier removal of your hair and you can enjoy a painless experience.
o Tip: You can even opt for a wet epilator. This works in the shower and even underwater. Though it takes more time to remove the hair completely, it is worth it if you are allergic to pain.
o Exfoliation: Dead cells are the reason for ingrown hairs, which cause tiny red bumps on your skin. They are often painful and extremely unsightly. Always see that you exfoliate at least a couple of days before using an epilator. When you exfoliate, your skin becomes smoother and hair removal is easier. This way you get an even, smooth looking skin.
o Waxing: Though you may frequently shave, consider getting a professional wax done before the first time you epilate. Wax about a week before the process. Waxing also removes the hair from the roots, thereby causing hair that re-grows to be thinner and weaker. This way epilation becomes easier and you can continue epilating regularly after that.
· Specialized Products: There are several products available in the market like numbing creams and painkillers that help you experience painless epilation. You can opt for them if you can’t tolerate pain.

Remember that though epilating is painful initially, the process becomes less painful over time. So epilate your way to smooth, silky skin!