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Preparation For Funeral Arrangements In Australia

memorial-optionsPre-Planned funeral arrangements:
Finding a funeral director is an important part of planning a funeral. Only if you are sure on what you prefer during the funeral, you can compare the services and prices with others.
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Let us answer few questions to keep you clear before proceeding further to arrive at conclusions.
What method do you want to use for disposition: Traditional burial or get cremated? If you are not sure on where to start with soon after a death, You might be interested in this article.

Funeral service:
• How do you want the funeral service to be?
• Do you want the body to be open for people to view? And if kept open should the casket be opened?
• Should the service be done in a religious place or a public place?
• Who should supervise the service?

How do you want the burial to happen? If so, in the ground or at a cemetery?
Do you have any specific place or cemetery, which you would prefer?
Do you want the body to be placed in a tomb?
If cremated, should the ashes be stored in a columbarium, preserved in an urn or scatter?
If ashes are scattered, where should it be done? It may be a nearby wooden area, mountain, river or any special locations and can be done in a manner you wish for. Honoring the ashes means honoring the life of a loved one.

Funeral Objects:
Once the body is deceased it is placed in a container like caskets to add dignity to the family or for public viewing of the deceased before buried or cremated. If you have decided on casket what kind of casket do you prefer?
Any specific urn for cremation?
If your remains will be buried, what style of headstone or marker would you like? What would you like it to say?

Are you planning to pay advance for funeral service or want to pay the full amount?
Are you going to discuss whether payment can be done in installments?
Do you have any Insurance, which will pay off after death?
Are you going to save some money for your children to pay for the expenses later on?

Fulfilling Wishes:
Letting your dear ones know what you wish and how you expect a final send off for you will give them a clear idea on what to do and what not do when you are no more and filing the important documents or keep them safe in a place and instruct them to look at them after your death.
Once you have all your questions answered then you can go ahead with the next steps. It may be a bit hard to have an open conversation with your loved ones on how you want your death to be planned, may not sound emotionally fine but in today’s world prior planning can avoid unwanted conflicts. It is all your freedom to memorialize your presence in any way that you prefer.